Having Sanitary Area Rugs Is Important

Area rugs are appealing fixtures for a variety of reasons, and such explains why one can find an attractive area rug in numerous homes and businesses these days. These rugs are not just nice to look at, as they provide a lot of utility as well. If you have marks on the floor that you want covered up, this is where an area rug can be very useful. But a rug will only maintain these good qualities for so long, as eventually it'll get dirty and worn down. But when this happens, it isn't the end of the world.
Just because a rug gets a little dirty doesn’t mean it has to be tossed in the trash, and minor wear and tear should not cause great alarm either. No, when your rug has become a shell of the vibrant fixture you once had, it's here where our rug cleaning experts can help.

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How Our Team Cleans Area Rugs

Our NYC area rug cleaners have been trusted and preferred in and around the area for years, and that's because rug owners know nothing will stop us when it comes to rug cleaning. Our technicians will make your rugs not only spotless but sanitary as well, and when we’re done with cleaning you’ll remark that your rugs look as good as they did when you first purchased them.
Many individuals don't know this, but a rug can be home to a lot of harmful particles and organisms if it's not taken care of, and a dirty rug can also restrict airflow and reduce air quality in a home.
The area rug cleaning process we follow is simple and straightforward, and if you have any specific cleaning instructions, we will follow these closely to ensure your area rug is cleaned just how you want. We use top-of-the-line cleaning products and the best tools to make cleaning effective, and we always deliver timely help for an affordable price. Here’s more on how our area rug cleaning service works:
First we’ll look over your rug to see what the best cleaning method will be. Next we’ll identify and pre-treat areas that are especially dirty. After this we’ll apply the appropriate shampoo, and then we’ll rinse with a neutralizing solution. We’ll extract water and leftover cleaner next, and then we’ll pursue a post-wash treatment on particularly stubborn stains. Lastly we’ll groom the rug and then dry it out.

What We’ll Do About Pet Stains And Odors

When you need to get rid of pet stains and odors, we can help. Whether the pet stains are old or new, we’ll remove them so you'll forget they were ever there. We can also get rid of pet smells, including the infamous smell of dog. When we are done with rug cleaning, your rug will be enjoyable again, not only to you but to your furry friend as well. If your pet has an accident on the rug, don't take your frustration out on them. Just get help from us. We’ll be glad to provide it.